About Us

John – founder & portrait photographer

Professional Photographer

Formal training

I studied at the Shelley Park College of Art in England where I was introduced to the elements of artistic composition and the practicalities of photographic development. At a post-graduate level I attended the prestigious Bournemouth and Poole College of Art which attracts students from all over the world. Here, I became immersed in art history and began to see the connections between photography and the great works of art. At this leve I had the privilege of working with leading international artists and photographers who guided me towards developing my own personal style.

Photographic Style

My training in fine art forms the backbone of my photographic compositions. I am passionate in my desire to distill the essence of human experience into an image that is the equal of the great masters of portraiture and that will give eternal delight. It is for this reason that I have called my company Eternity Photography.

Personal Attributes

I am a passionate liver and lover of life. I love my wife and children and as a family we are trying to live a sustainable life that is filled with fun. These aspects of myself seem to communicate with the people I photograph. I am proud to say that in the many years of experience my accolades have come not only because people love my photos but because in some way I have made them feel good about themselves.