Hi, I’m John. I bloody love photographing weddings & portraits!

It was my dad’s old canon film camera that hooked me when I was a kid. Today, I am a slightly older “big kid”. I still get that tingling of excitement when I head out to photograph a wedding or portrait shoot.

My “Photo Chocolate” is when I capture people naturally in the moment. The laughter, excitement and joy are all emotions that I strive to capture.

I am a peoples person at heart and I love nothing more than having a laugh and a joke with new people and hearing their stories. Helping people relax and have a fun experience is my most important quality in my photography. If you feel anxious about having a camera pointed at you I totally get it haha.

All that said, I live life passionately, and with my family pursue a sustainable life that is filled with fun, love & laughter. A day is never complete without a swim or surf in our amazing ocean.