Why I love this photograph of Mark and Maryanne

bride getting ready photograph before her wedding at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel in Leederville

I love this photograph of Maryanne getting ready at her house. This is a really interesting time on the wedding day. As a photographer arriving at the brides house, you really have no clue what you could be happening. Is it a tad tense? Or is everything so relaxed it takes a while to get your head around how chilled out everyone is. Whatever the situation may be, we have been there before and know how to help you.

At Maryanne’s house everything is nice and relaxed while the hair and make up is happening. This photograph has a lovely mood to it. I love the silhouetted shapes and even little details that you can make out like the make up brush in the foreground and the hair dryer in the background. Our photographer has reduced colour and light to leave you with shapes that make you think about the movement and skill involved. The hair and make up team have amazing skills to come in at the crack of dawn and just go for it, helping lots of beautiful people look even more gorgeous.

Photographs like this make you think about what it was like to be there in Maryanne’s house, hours away from her wedding in Leederville. This style of photography is all about telling little stories. When you have a collection of this style of photography you have an amazing gift that you can enjoy forever.

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