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Natalie & Nick’s Matilda Bay Wedding

Ok so July is our time to catch up. Here is Natalie and Nicks beautiful Matilda Bay wedding in Autumn, remember when the sun used to shine more often than not and the rain was not torrential! Lately it is hard to believe that there ever was a time. So anyway we chatted with Natalie and Nick about their day and this is how the story goes:

1. How did you find us?

Natalie & Nick: Through Matilda Bay.

Me: We’d like to pay homage to Matilda Bay for having us as one of their preferred photographers otherwise our paths may have never crossed with this fabulous couple.

Matilda Bay Wedding photography


2. What hesitations did you have about working with us? 

Natalie & Nick: No hesitations, we looked on your website and it all looked great, our kind of style.

Me: Yay thats a great sign, we really want to attract couples who have an affinity with our style.

Matilda Bay wedding photography

3. What made you choose to work with us instead of another photographer?

Natalie & Nick: Loved your style and John emailed me back straight away despite being on an overseas family holiday! Great service.

Matilda Bay wedding

4. What did you like best about working with us/Annelize?

Natalie & Nick:  Annelize had great advice, approachable, felt comfortable with her, sense of humour, was easy to contact via email or mobile.

Me: Whoo hoo, go Annelize. Well we know she’s fabulous so it is great when others recognise this too 🙂

Matilda Bay wedding

5. Would you recommend our services? If so, why and to whom?

Natalie & Nick:  Yes we definitely would, because we like your style of photography it seems modern to me (if that’s the right word) just very natural and not staged and awkward.

Me: Thank you very much guys! I love your description. We do pride ourselves on our natural, photojournalistic style of wedding photography.

Wedding at Matilda Bay

6. Is there anything you would have like to see us do differently? If so, what? 

Natalie & Nick: Can’t think of anything.

Me: Well I like that answer, it looks like we were a pretty good fit for guys.

Matilda Bay wedding

7. What is the most important thing people should know about working with us/Annelize?

Natalie & Nick: To communicate what you want, and trust Annelize/photographer. She really got what we were saying.

Me: That is great advice. If you have taken the time to find someone whose style you really love and you can put how you wish your wedding to unfold into words then that is a recipe for beautiful photographs that you will love.

Wedding at UWA

8. Number 1 tip for future engaged couples?
Natalie & Nick: Relax its a fun day!
9. What are your fondest memories of your wedding day?
Natalie & Nick: Seeing everyone so happy!
Wise words!

Wedding UWA

Natalie & Nick’s helpers:

Cake: My bridesmaids did the cake and the flowers!
Dress maker: Paula and Jo
Hair: A friend
Make up: by Kristy Ellis make up artistry
Decorator: My mum!