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5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day

5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day

Getting married is an amazing and emotional (and to some perhaps stressful and tiring) day of your lives. Let us help you make sure you add in the description enjoyable as well. As photographers we spend a good deal of the day with you and have learn’t a thing or two about how to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. Hence was born “5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day”.


Bride and groom at reception enjoying the wedding1.

Champagne. Celebrate and have a

glass…just not too much………

especially before the ceremony.

It may seem like a good idea

at the time but stop at one or two.

Provide water, and actually drink it!

You are already going to be on a natural



Flower girl at wedding




Think glamorous and comfy

for your shoe choice.

You are going to be on your feet

dancing away into the night.

You want your feet to make it to the








Bride and Groom laughing after ceremony, enjoying their wedding day





Laugh. Get your happy on!

Let yourself enjoy the day.

You are marrying the love of your life

surrounded by family and friends

who love you!







Mother and bride hugging after the wedding ceremony. Enjoying the wedding day4.


Don’t run off too soon after

your ceremony.…if at all.

Let your loved ones congratulate you.

Allow yourselves to have those

conversations with your Grandma

or your best friend.

Let the excitement take hold.



Bride and Groom at reception dancing. Enjoying their wedding day



Be in the moment.

Don’t be afraid to forget who

is around you occasionally

and enjoy each other.

Allow yourselves those

intimate cuddles and kisses.




Ultimately you have chosen the environment to get married in, you have chosen the people to invite, you have chosen what to wear, trust yourself and take comfort in your decisions. If you have a fabulous photographer that you trust, you will get shots that you will totally fall in love with as well as really enjoying your day. Remember your wedding day as it really happened.