Mark and Maryanne’s first look at one another at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel in Leederville

This is an absolutely wonderful moment for Mark and Maryanne that we captured for them. Imagine how tense this is, Mark has been waiting at the altar and Maryanne has been walking down the aisle trying her best to not stand on her dress and potentially stack it. There are even a few steps to climb and when you are nervous these simple tasks can need all of your concentration.

This is the moment when Maryanne is standing beside Mark for the first time in the Chapel of St Michael in front of their guests. The expressions on their faces are priceless. I love this photograph because you really get to feel what they are experiencing. For me Maryanne’s face says, “I made it! we made it, this is actually happening!!”

I later had an email from  Maryanne and she pretty much said the very same thing about this moment.Mark&Maryanne_182

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