Kids photography

Kids are the best! They are and it’s as simple as that. The thing I love most about photographing younger children at the studio is the varying levels of transformation that take place. First we have the “shy stage” where the kids arraive at the studio and they are doing all sorts of funny things to avoid leaving the comfort of Mum and Dad. Thing is that I have already spoken to Mum on the phone and she has arrived with a truck load of cool stuff to play with and that’s what we do., play! Now we enter into the “bewilderment stage”.  We all get down on the kids level and have a play with some toys and during the fun I start seeing the looks, the looks that say, “this guys alright, he only looks a bit funny but he’s actually alright”. I have not dared to get a camera out yet because I am just having fun and interacting. The next stage is my favourite and it is the best feeling because I have been accepted and it is the “revealing stage”. Yep that’s when I have won them over and I am treated to amazing tricks, dancing and elaborate stories. This is when I pick up my camera and I photograph all the cool stuff that they can do.

If you know anyone that has some cool and groovy kids tell them to pop in for a fun kids portrait session, I love them!

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