Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding Photojournalism by John Rice

If you would prefer your wedding day to be captured honestly and with subtlety, the genre of wedding photojournalism will suit you. Every last detail is discussed and organised prior to the wedding so that on the day the photography direction is minimal. I want to create a collection of photographs that explain how your day really was, who was there, how people were feeling, what you looked like at various times. I want to record the details that you have planned and created. I will not be putting you through the ordeal of a generic wedding photographer shot list, or making you jump in the air on a beach. This is about personalities, love, affection, family and the art of story telling. In twenty years time I want you to be able to dust off your album and enjoy the dream of your wedding day again.

This genre of wedding requires skill, training, intuition, patience, experience and hard work. Please do not confuse this genre with “happy snaps” or “candid natural shots” that are preoccupied with literal minded naturalism. Whilst my aim is to tell as closely as possible the story of the day I do this using all of the available resources of my craft. This means instantaneously bringing together a strong sense of composition, lighting, timing and editing at the point of shooting. The images created in this way are emotive, evocative, energetic and provide you with a unique reminder of the “world” as it was on the day you got married.

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