Our magic formula

Our magic formula

You have to believe in magic to be a photographer, here are the ten ingredients that we use everyday to create award winning wedding photography for my clients.

1. Initial enquiry

When I receive your enquiry, I am happy because you love our work and you have heard good feedback about us. I would love to have a chat with you to get to know you and find out about your wedding plans. I am sure you have got some great ideas that will make your wedding day unique. Whether it is the location, the style or your personalities there will be something unique about your day that I will want to capture. I will email you our pricing and service information. If you have any questions at all please let me know and I will easily walk you through it.

2. Meeting the photographer

Eternity Photography has three expert wedding photographers, John, Laura and Sebastian. To become an Eternity wedding photographer you must love people, live and breathe weddings and have a desire to create a collection of photographs that exceed my clients ‘expectations. You can meet John, Laura or Sebastian at the studio to get a feel for our personalities and discuss your plans. We will want to know all about you and what makes you tick. We also make some suggestions and explain the unique way that we like to work. You will also have the chance to see first hand the wide range of artwork wall display products and album products that we have to offer. If you are out of town or overseas don’t worry, we take a lot of bookings prior to the clients visiting the studio. We are members of The Australian Institute of Professional Photography to become a member you must work to a high technical level, be a full time professional photographer and practise within high ethical guidelines.

3. Initial investment

To confirm your choice of photographer I simply require an initial investment of $500 which is NOT an extra fee and will be deducted from your package choice.  My paperwork is easy and quick to complete and once I have that I can send you an invoice. My packages range from $800 to $6000 and I cater for most budgets.

4. Engagement portrait session

Prior to the wedding an engagement portrait session is a great way for you and your photographer to really get to know each other and experience  first hand how much fun it is to have your portraits taken by a professional. This great experience builds confidence and trust in my clients so that they can really enjoy the wedding photography knowing that it will be above and beyond your expectations. It also has some great additional artwork products which are very popular to display in your wedding reception space.

5. Wedding Design Session

This is when we discuss all of the timings, locations, preferred style of photography, details and must have photographs. This is an exciting time to get creative and plan something unique and special so that your wedding photographs are the best ever! It is all about knowing what to ask you and having the expertise to deliver it on the day.

6. Wedding photography

This is your special day and your photographer will have all the information to deliver the collection of photographs that will tell your unique wedding story. Your photographer will be a friend to help you on the day, organise proceedings when necessary, add some fun and enjoyment to the day and know when to just hang back and  capture events as they unfold. As well as this your photographer will be using every ounce of his experience and creativity to produce a unique award winning image that will blow you away. We want to create photographs that are stunning artworks that anyone would want to display in their home, the bonus is that this artwork just happens to be of you guys on your wedding day.

7. Post production

Your wedding photographer will personally download and edit your wedding photographs to the highest artwork quality. This means that if you require a beautiful leather album or a stunning royal canvas artwork your wedding files are ready.  Each file is colour corrected and checked for density to meet my high standards. I also add some extra photograph finishes as well to certain images. Wedding files that are purchased on disc are fully edited, high quality, high resolution, have no water marks and they are ready to print from.

8. Artwork products

I offer a wide range of Artwork products, wall artwork displays, book and album artworks. I can show you the varying options. My design expertise will quickly and easily determine what would suit you. I want to help you to enjoy this great day by creating a feature that will improve the feel of your home. I will ask you  about your style of home and its furnishings and give you some great artworks to choose from to suit your budget.

9. Artwork design

Our Artworks, whether it is an Acrylic wall display or hand made album are custom designed to suit your individual wedding photographs. We do not do “generic ” style artworks because this part of the process is as important as the photography itself. All images are given a bit of “extra magic” so that they meet my high standards, I have the latest photograph finishes to add something extra to your artwork. All artworks are previewed before production takes place so that you are happy with the design, if alterations are needed we will let you preview them again until you are completely happy and ready to go ahead with the order. Artwork orders are handled promptly and take between 4 weeks and 12 weeks to complete.

10. Artwork collection

Once Artworks have been received and quality inspected we will contact you for collection. This is one of my favourite moments because my reward is seeing how excited you are about the final result. We use a professional laboratory that is used by Australias’ high end photographers. The skin tones are just beautiful and the quality of  there ptinting is second to none. We source only the best quality Royal canvas, European Art papers, Acrylic finishes and hand made Albums.