Our clients love this

Our clients love this/span>

I have been photographing weddings in Perth for over twelve years and I have listened to my clients feedback to create a service that is second to none. These qualities apply to myslef and my two wonderful wedding photographers Laura and Sebastian who live and breathe photography. Here is what our clients love about my studio.

  1. I want you to be your natural self
  2. I want to find out who you are and what makes you tick, everyone is different and I want to show your unique personality
  3. I do not make you endure a generic wedding shot list. I want you to feel at ease and relaxed so that I can capture your personality and how you are feeling on the day. I also want you to be able to pick up your wedding photographs in twenty years time and be reminded of your wedding and not embarrassed by some corny generic poses.
  4. I make the photography a fun and enjoyable experience. I receive referrals not only from the bride and groom but from guests at the wedding who thought I was polite and up beat while performing my tasks.
  5. I offer a variety of packages that suit most budgets.
  6. Three styles of wedding photography, classical, natural/romantic and photojournalism.
  7. I listen to what you require and deliver a final product and service above and beyond your expectations.
  8. My high quality artwork products will improve the look and feel of your home. I have a range of artworks from Royal canvas wall displays to hand made leather albums to suit most budgets.
  9. Engagement portrait sessions that relax my clients and show them that having professional portraits is actually a lot of fun. You will love your portraits and it is now common to display a wall size portrait at the reception that gives the space an added personal touch.
  10. Myself, Laura and Sebastian are wedding specialists that know how to help you on the day, organise proceedings when necessary, add fun and spontaneity and know when to just hang back and capture events as they unfold.