The value of professional portraits

The value of professional portraits

If your house was on fire what would you grab? Most people say photographs because pictures are not just pieces of paper they are valuable memories of family and loved ones. Portraits are treasures that remind us of our newborn babies, precious children that grow up way too fast. We have portraits so we can remember the family and loved ones who we were close to and who are sadly no longer here.

Surveys show that most Australian households display portraits of their family. Why? We display portraits of our family in our home because we are proud of them, we love and cherish them and naturally want to show them off to our friends. We want people who visit our home to see who we are and how our family is important to us. Every parent is proud of their family and with one of our artworks you can tell a part of your life story and preserve the happy memories for a lifetime.

The best thing about quality artworks is that they do literally last a lifetime and they will be passed down to future generations to to enjoy and understand your life story. It is not often that you can invest in a product these days that has that length of guarantee. Compare the lifespan of one of our artworks with a computer, entertainment system or plasma. You know that it will not be the beautiful artwork of your family that will be on the verge for chuck out.

Just like a good bottle of red our artworks will increase with value over time because they give you the opportunity to enjoy a happy time in your life that you were clever to preserve

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