On a mission

On a mission

The team at Eternity strive to be the best professional photography studio in Perth. Our goal is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Eternity Photography takes each and every commission seriously, delivering four key elements to my portrait clients;

1. The best photographs you have ever owned

2. A fun and enjoyable photography experience

3. Advice and assistance on how to display your photographs in your home with pride

4. That little extra suprise that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy about us

Our values

We have a passion for life and meeting people which naturally extends to portrait photography. We feel that everyone is special in their own unique way and it is the job of a portrait photographer to find it and reveal it. We want our clients to feel special because without them we do not get the chance to do what we really love which is to pick up a camera and capture something unique. We like to ask the right questions so that we can deliver a finished product that our clients are proud to own and show to all of their friends and family. To become an employee of Eternity Photography you must have the right qualities to embrace this philosophy and understand its importance. We take great care in making the right choice.

Our vision

“To see a world in a grain of sand”

Eternity Photography is passionately devoted to distilling the essence of human experience into works of art that will form a fitting tribute to what is most important in your life.