How to set up your outdoor wedding ceremony with the best light

You need to choose a fantastic location for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Once you have that organised you also need to consider where exactly will you be positioned. If you get this wrong you could end up with patchy light running across you faces. You could also have the situation where one of the bride and groom is in direct sunlight whilst the other is in the shade. All of these things are easily avoided. Here is how you do it.

  1. Visit the location you have chosen at the same time as your ceremony
  2. Look for some nice areas of shade, there might be one big tree or several trees. You might see that at a certain tim the light has vanished behind a tree or shrubs.
  3. Stand in the positions that you think look good and see if any light is on your faces. If it is a patchy mixture of sunlight and shade then look for a better spot. If it is a nice solid area of shade then fantastic go with that.
  4. Be careful that the light is not shaded on your faces but full sun on your bodies. Full sun on your wedding dress is not good at all.
  5. If there is no shade at all and you love the location you can position yourselves with your backs to the sun and thus shading your faces. Or you could look at hiring some shade.

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Wedding ceremony photograph at Matilda Bay in Perth

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