Documentary wedding photography using sequences

Sequences of photographs make sense when you are trying to tell a story of an event. This is why they suit weddings so well. Why stop at one great emotional photo when their is still more happening in front of your eyes. The masters of documentary photography like Elliot Erwitt and Duane Michals  would use sequences of photographs to depict an event.

Here is an example of a great sequence of photographs that take you right into that room and you start imagining what Loren was feeling leading up to all of that cuddling and laughter. It’s her wedding day and she has just put on her wedding dress and looked in the mirror and perhaps it’s hit her, wow! It’s here I’m getting married today.

The first frame shows Loren fighting back the emotion, I am sure the girls had all promised themselves no tears, it’s not going to happen. As soon as the girls realise they are all over Loren laughing and cuddling. What a brilliant memory to have.

As the photographer it’s very addictive to seek these genuine moments, it becomes a challenge, a passion.