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  1. What is the access code? The access code to galleries is the grooms surname, if the grooms surname is less than five characters we place a number one (1) at the end of the name, example: smith1
  2. When will my gallery be up to view? The galleries are uploaded ten working days after your wedding date, we often have three – ten weddings on per weekend and that can delay us. We will email the bride and notify her as soon as her gallery is up online.
  3. Can I purchase prints? Yes you can, they are printed at our professional lab and shipped straight to you. he prints are made at our professional lab where the colours are matched to the photographers camera. This ensures that the colours are just how you remember your wedding day. It is so important to get them professionally printed so you avoid strange green or blue tones or just plain dull prints because the labs chemicals are old and out of date.

Please note that we are now back online after our relocation with iinet and we are working very hard behind the scenes to get your gallery up online. Thanks for your patience