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Natalie & Nick’s Matilda Bay Wedding

Ok so July is our time to catch up. Here is Natalie and Nicks beautiful Matilda Bay wedding in Autumn, remember when the sun used to shine more often than not and the rain was not torrential! Lately it is hard to believe that there ever was a time. So anyway we chatted with Natalie and Nick about their day and this is how the story goes:

1. How did you find us?

Natalie & Nick: Through Matilda Bay.

Me: We’d like to pay homage to Matilda Bay for having us as one of their preferred photographers otherwise our paths may have never crossed with this fabulous couple.

Matilda Bay Wedding photography


2. What hesitations did you have about working with us? 

Natalie & Nick: No hesitations, we looked on your website and it all looked great, our kind of style.

Me: Yay thats a great sign, we really want to attract couples who have an affinity with our style.

Matilda Bay wedding photography

3. What made you choose to work with us instead of another photographer?

Natalie & Nick: Loved your style and John emailed me back straight away despite being on an overseas family holiday! Great service.

Matilda Bay wedding

4. What did you like best about working with us/Annelize?

Natalie & Nick:  Annelize had great advice, approachable, felt comfortable with her, sense of humour, was easy to contact via email or mobile.

Me: Whoo hoo, go Annelize. Well we know she’s fabulous so it is great when others recognise this too 🙂

Matilda Bay wedding

5. Would you recommend our services? If so, why and to whom?

Natalie & Nick:  Yes we definitely would, because we like your style of photography it seems modern to me (if that’s the right word) just very natural and not staged and awkward.

Me: Thank you very much guys! I love your description. We do pride ourselves on our natural, photojournalistic style of wedding photography.

Wedding at Matilda Bay

6. Is there anything you would have like to see us do differently? If so, what? 

Natalie & Nick: Can’t think of anything.

Me: Well I like that answer, it looks like we were a pretty good fit for guys.

Matilda Bay wedding

7. What is the most important thing people should know about working with us/Annelize?

Natalie & Nick: To communicate what you want, and trust Annelize/photographer. She really got what we were saying.

Me: That is great advice. If you have taken the time to find someone whose style you really love and you can put how you wish your wedding to unfold into words then that is a recipe for beautiful photographs that you will love.

Wedding at UWA

8. Number 1 tip for future engaged couples?
Natalie & Nick: Relax its a fun day!
9. What are your fondest memories of your wedding day?
Natalie & Nick: Seeing everyone so happy!
Wise words!

Wedding UWA

Natalie & Nick’s helpers:

Cake: My bridesmaids did the cake and the flowers!
Dress maker: Paula and Jo
Hair: A friend
Make up: by Kristy Ellis make up artistry
Decorator: My mum!

5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day

5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day

Getting married is an amazing and emotional (and to some perhaps stressful and tiring) day of your lives. Let us help you make sure you add in the description enjoyable as well. As photographers we spend a good deal of the day with you and have learn’t a thing or two about how to make sure you enjoy your wedding day. Hence was born “5 Tips to enjoying your wedding day”.


Bride and groom at reception enjoying the wedding1.

Champagne. Celebrate and have a

glass…just not too much………

especially before the ceremony.

It may seem like a good idea

at the time but stop at one or two.

Provide water, and actually drink it!

You are already going to be on a natural



Flower girl at wedding




Think glamorous and comfy

for your shoe choice.

You are going to be on your feet

dancing away into the night.

You want your feet to make it to the








Bride and Groom laughing after ceremony, enjoying their wedding day





Laugh. Get your happy on!

Let yourself enjoy the day.

You are marrying the love of your life

surrounded by family and friends

who love you!







Mother and bride hugging after the wedding ceremony. Enjoying the wedding day4.


Don’t run off too soon after

your ceremony.…if at all.

Let your loved ones congratulate you.

Allow yourselves to have those

conversations with your Grandma

or your best friend.

Let the excitement take hold.



Bride and Groom at reception dancing. Enjoying their wedding day



Be in the moment.

Don’t be afraid to forget who

is around you occasionally

and enjoy each other.

Allow yourselves those

intimate cuddles and kisses.




Ultimately you have chosen the environment to get married in, you have chosen the people to invite, you have chosen what to wear, trust yourself and take comfort in your decisions. If you have a fabulous photographer that you trust, you will get shots that you will totally fall in love with as well as really enjoying your day. Remember your wedding day as it really happened.

Documentary wedding photos showing emotions

Documentary wedding photos

We photographed a beautiful wedding in Alice Springs. Caterina and Michael are a gorgeous couple that clearly have a strong connection with their family and friends. Our style of wedding photography is about documenting the story of each wedding day. To do this well, our photographers have to be passionate about story telling and have an understanding when people will reveal their emotions. Here are some photographs that show the close bond between family and friends. It can be as subtle as a proud expression on a grandmothers face or as spontaneous as laughter and tears. Whatever it is, we will be there ready to record these moments for you, so you can always re live and enjoy them. This is what we love to do and this is our passion.

Bride leaning on groom outside after their wedding ceremony

Beautiful Spring Wedding at Joondalup Resort- Natasha and Jonathan

Flying all the way over from Tassie for their wedding day meant Natasha and Jonathan had to be super organised in the lead up to make sure all the hurdles had been jumped long before their big day. My hat definitely goes off to them since it is no easy task and the day was absolutely perfect, even the fine spring weather made a very welcome appearance.

The grooms men and friends were in fine form, having a right laugh while they were endeavouring to dress themselves…..and each other. There is nothing like a bit of banter to settle the nerves before they made their way to Joondalup Resort for the ceremony.

Groom and groomsmen having a laugh getting ready before the ceremony.

A little light heartedness before the ceremony.

Groom getting his corsage put on by his friend for his wedding day

Johno getting a helping hand. Dressed by Les Lees in Hobart.

It was a pleasure being with Natasha and her gorgeous bridesmaids capturing the calm before the storm of her big day. A few deep breaths and off we go.

Bride receiving the final touches before her wedding day.

Final touches before the wedding ceremony. Makeup by Simone Cohen.

Wedding dress hanging on the wall before the bride is dressed for the ceremony.

The wedding dress by Maggie Sottero.

Once Natasha came into view wearing her elegant Maggie Sottero gown, the boys settled quickly with Jonathan looking like the cat who got the cream (and rightly so).

Groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride outside by the lake at Joondalup Resort

Eagerly awaiting Natasha. Flowers by “The Flower Girl”

The ceremony proceeded full of emotion with the perfect amount of laughs and tears from those close to them. After the ceremony hugs were flowing everywhere, not just for the bride and the groom but spread between the guests showing that heart felt feeling of belonging that weddings can bring.

Bride and groom cuddling after their ceremony outside at Joondalup Resort.

A sneaky cuddle after their ceremony while the business end is completed.

With everyone in high spirits if was off around the beautiful grounds of Joondalup Resort for some fun times with the bridal party. Great location choice, so many beautiful backdrops without ever having to get in a car and take on the traffic.

Bride and grooms clothes together

Married at last.

Groom standing with bride leaning on his back facing the camera outside.

Beautiful image of Tash and Johno in the gardens at Joondaulp Resort. Hair by Louise DiLoretto.

Groom and friends jumping off a small ledge with hands in the air outside Joondalup resort

Boys will be boys.

Bridesmaids trying to lift up groom by lake after his wedding ceremony.

Johno found out how strong these bridesmaids really are!

The wedding day ended with a special reception at Joondalup Resort with some extra special touches organised for their guests.

Music CD's with the wedding sound track on them for the guests.

Music CD’s for the guests. Sign provided by Celebration Blackboards

It was simply wonderful to watch these two people join their lives together through the lens of the camera, what a joy to be a part of. Thanks Tash and Johno. xxx Eternity Photography

Wedding Photography in the Vineyards in the Swan Valley

You really can’t go past the opportunity of having your wedding day in the Swan Valley, one of Perth’s most picturesque treasures any time of the year. The Swan Valley provides such a contrast to everyones busy lives, getting out into the countryside for some quiet time together. It’s no wonder so many bride and grooms choose the vineyards and wineries in Perth and the Swan Valley for their wedding day. There is something incredibly romantic about playing in the rows of vines.

A bride and a groom kissing in the vineyards in their wedding day clothes

Romantic photograph of the bride and groom in the vineyards in the Swan Valley

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Mark and Maryanne’s first look at one another at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel in Leederville

This is an absolutely wonderful moment for Mark and Maryanne that we captured for them. Imagine how tense this is, Mark has been waiting at the altar and Maryanne has been walking down the aisle trying her best to not stand on her dress and potentially stack it. There are even a few steps to climb and when you are nervous these simple tasks can need all of your concentration.

This is the moment when Maryanne is standing beside Mark for the first time in the Chapel of St Michael in front of their guests. The expressions on their faces are priceless. I love this photograph because you really get to feel what they are experiencing. For me Maryanne’s face says, “I made it! we made it, this is actually happening!!”

I later had an email from  Maryanne and she pretty much said the very same thing about this moment.Mark&Maryanne_182

How to set up your outdoor wedding ceremony with the best light

You need to choose a fantastic location for your outdoor wedding ceremony. Once you have that organised you also need to consider where exactly will you be positioned. If you get this wrong you could end up with patchy light running across you faces. You could also have the situation where one of the bride and groom is in direct sunlight whilst the other is in the shade. All of these things are easily avoided. Here is how you do it.

  1. Visit the location you have chosen at the same time as your ceremony
  2. Look for some nice areas of shade, there might be one big tree or several trees. You might see that at a certain tim the light has vanished behind a tree or shrubs.
  3. Stand in the positions that you think look good and see if any light is on your faces. If it is a patchy mixture of sunlight and shade then look for a better spot. If it is a nice solid area of shade then fantastic go with that.
  4. Be careful that the light is not shaded on your faces but full sun on your bodies. Full sun on your wedding dress is not good at all.
  5. If there is no shade at all and you love the location you can position yourselves with your backs to the sun and thus shading your faces. Or you could look at hiring some shade.

We can help you with great solutions and advise you on how to make sure your wedding ceremony is perfect for photography. Call 08 94941785

Wedding ceremony photograph at Matilda Bay in Perth

Why I love this photograph of Mark and Maryanne

bride getting ready photograph before her wedding at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel in Leederville

I love this photograph of Maryanne getting ready at her house. This is a really interesting time on the wedding day. As a photographer arriving at the brides house, you really have no clue what you could be happening. Is it a tad tense? Or is everything so relaxed it takes a while to get your head around how chilled out everyone is. Whatever the situation may be, we have been there before and know how to help you.

At Maryanne’s house everything is nice and relaxed while the hair and make up is happening. This photograph has a lovely mood to it. I love the silhouetted shapes and even little details that you can make out like the make up brush in the foreground and the hair dryer in the background. Our photographer has reduced colour and light to leave you with shapes that make you think about the movement and skill involved. The hair and make up team have amazing skills to come in at the crack of dawn and just go for it, helping lots of beautiful people look even more gorgeous.

Photographs like this make you think about what it was like to be there in Maryanne’s house, hours away from her wedding in Leederville. This style of photography is all about telling little stories. When you have a collection of this style of photography you have an amazing gift that you can enjoy forever.

Pretty cool

Why I love this photograph of Alan and Kate at Aravina Estate

I love the expressions on Alan and Kate’s faces as they walk through the vineyards at Aravina Estate in Yallingup. You can see the joy in their faces as they take in the moment. The emotions are running high just after the ceremony and quite often couples are simply relieved that the build up to their ceremony is now over. This is a beautiful moment where they both look so happy together. I love that they are looking in the same direction and the photographer has captured this moment. When you see the sequence of photographs you can understand that this was a spontaneous reaction that was over very quickly. The light running through the vineyards is beautiful and the diagonal line running through the composition gives the photograph a strong design. The magic is in the expressions and Kate and Alan have this memory to enjoy.

How to save a potential disaster with your wedding dress

When your florist delivers your beautiful wedding flowers the stems will be in water to keep them fresh. It is really important to dry the stems before you begin having photographs taken. Even a little bit of moisture will leave a green stain on the front of your wedding dress if the stems touch it. Best thing to do is to ask one of your bridesmaid to get a towel and dab the stems so that they are dry at the ends. How to prevent a disaster with your wedding dress

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