Kissing at wedding

This is an amazing wedding photograph I took at a beach wedding in Yallingup. 

I am so stoked that I captured this moment but it is the story behind the photograph that I would like to explain first. 

There is no better way to explain than to share the quote from Jessica about this photograph.

“These two love birds only met 18 months ago and are now inseparable.

It just goes to show, at 80 years young… It is never too late to find your soulmate.’’

*Jessica, about her Grandfather.

Are these two people the coolest dudes ever? They look so cute together. I love what they are wearing, I really like the fact that he is holding onto his walking stick, hand on the wall and leaning in for a kiss. 

They are totally connected with each other and just to top it off she is clutching her iPad. Just brilliant.

I saw this moment in the corner of my eye, I was facing the other way so I span around really quickly and grabbed this photograph.

It was over in an instant. I was so excited that I checked the screen to see what I had captured and I was so happy. 

Later in the day I was chatting to Jessica and I learnt the story behind the photograph. 

To think that I can go to a wedding and record important moments like this for people is a real gift and something that I love.