Flower Girls Wise Winery Wedding

I love photographing kids, I do a heap of family portraits throughout the year and it gives me a chance to be a big kid, interacting with children is so much fun and they often surprise me with cool facts or intricate stories. 

The two flower girls at this wedding at Wise Winery were full of beans and had proceeded to do cartwheels, chase one another and give the adults a fantastic show while the congratulations were taking place.

I captured some great spontaneous shots the the girls in action with the guests watching on but this photo really holds my interest. 

This photo shows the girls slightly more subdued but still on a mission as they walk past the bride and groom. I love how Richard and Helen are equally in their own little world as they chat together, unaware of the girls passing by. 

In the background the band plays but both sets of people seem detached from it. 

This wedding was super chilled out. Richard and Helen were not wanting a ton of directed photos and they let me do my thing and capture the day. 

I am sure that the family are also drawn to this photo, as the girls get older this will be a photo that will bring some smiles to faces which is what it is all about for me.