Wills Domain Winery in Yallingup has spectacular views overlooking the Gunyulgup valley in Margaret River. The late afternoon light wraps over the hills and filters through the tree canopy creating a gorgeous soft warm light. 

This photo of Dawn and Tristan shows how I have used this soft flattering light to my advantage. 

Some simple easy to follow direction had them facing at the right angle for the light to work it’s wonders. 

You can’t beat natural light, as long as you know the various effects it can create. Light is literally everything in a photo. Get it wrong and you can make people look bad. 

Notice under Dawn’s eyes there are no wrinkles, in fact her face looks like it has been airbrushed. 

I have not worked this photo, no retouching, enhancement etc. It has a beautiful natural look. 

Tristan too has minimal wrinkles showing but if you met him face to face he has a slightly more weathered complexion. 

By seeing great light, you can move the people you photograph into it. Quickly and easily direct them to face the correct way and start shooting. 

I even do this if I am directing a bridal party to relax and hang out together so I can grab some nice natural shots of them having fun. If I get them in a great scene with lovely flattering light the photos will look fantastic. The dresses, flowers, suits, hair and literally everything looks so much better. 

Wills Domain Winery