Groom at Wills Domain on his wedding day

Try to be present and enjoy every moment of your wedding day

Here are a couple of photos from a wedding at Wills Domain Winery in Yallingup. A fantastic wedding and a really awesome couple. 

Their wedding pics are fantastic. 

I was looking through some recently and I thought these two would be a great example of something I feel could really help you with on your wedding day. 

The point I am highlighting is to be present and enjoying the moment at your wedding. Try not to be caught up discussing the next stage of your wedding day perfect because you may be missing out on wonderful moments with your friends and family or your husband or wife! 

You can see in the photo of Tristan being congratulated by his friends and family he is present and looks excited and happy. 

In the other photo, his wife Dawn looks excited and in the moment but Tristan looks preoccupied. 

Bride and Groom on their wedding day at Wills Domain

How can you make sure you are enjoying every moment at your wedding? Delegate tasks and have people in charge of organising certain parts of the day. 

I am always big on being the time keeper at weddings. Before your wedding I have planned your timeline for you and I know that at this point I will do x, y and z. I am happy to be in the background capturing moments as they happen and I am just as happy to step in and direct large or small groups. 

You do not want to be doing anything other than having a fantastic fun day and I strongly advise selecting family and friend support people and wedding suppliers who will go the extra mile to make your day easy and stress free. 

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