I think that the majority of wedding photographers are pre occupied with fulfilling shot lists, this is often the very same type of list that you will see in a bridal magazine. 

I have photographed weddings for twenty years and I started out shooting for a studio in Perth. They marketed themselves as candid and natural wedding photographers but to be honest it was all about fulfilling the shot list.

Photographing the dress is important but can working off a list remove the photographer from a creative mindset to a systematic approach to your wedding. 

The problem with this conventional approach to wedding photography is that you have stopped looking for the real genuine moments that take place. 

Would the bride prefer ten shots of her shoes with varying angles and composition or would she rather have one or two amazing shots of her shoes?

Probably the latter if she new the photographer would then have more time to photograph Mum overcome with emotion or her best friends excitement. 

When I go to a brides house I get a feel for the energy and atmosphere. Has the morning been super chilled or have a few things gone pear shaped and it is a little tense. I adjust my approach to suit the mood.

I want to tell the story of what is happening and I start to collect photographs that combine and give you a record of what everything looked like but also how people were feeling at this part of your wedding story.

I have photographed thousands of weddings and I can anticipate when things may happen and I am prepared to capture those rare moments when people reveal their emotions.

What I include in each photograph is part of telling the story of that particular moment, composition is a major strength in my photography style.

Light adds the magic to a photograph. Knowing how to see beautiful light in seconds of walking into a house or hotel room is something that I have mastered over many years.