Bride and groom at Cape Lodge Margaret River

I love humour in photographs and because weddings are so emotionally charged you can get some fantastic funny reactions. This one at a wedding at Cape Lodge in Margaret River was a pearler. 

This was a second marriage for Lucy & Darcy and they both have teenage kids in the wedding party. There were quite a few tears from Lucy’s girls earlier in the service and often with emotion the release is usually some hefty laughter. 

As Darcy’s son is called to deliver the rings there is a momentary delay as the ring box is caught in his trouser pocket. 

That is all it takes and Lucy completely lost it laughing her head off. I love the expression on Darcy’s face as he keeps it all cool and calm whilst clearly hearing his soon to be wife laughing away. 

Brilliant times and a really funny moment. Stoked that I have it on camera and they can relive that and enjoy it for many years.

Cape Lodge