I'm John Rice from Eternity Photography and I'm at Aravina Estate today in Yallingup, in WA’s South West, which is an absolutely incredible venue to have your wedding. I'm going to show you some of the fantastic spots to have photos on your wedding day here at Aravina Estate.

The first location I have taken you to is the main wedding ceremony location at Aravina. Here you can see an amazing view all around, absolutely sensational. The vineyards, the dam and the trees, everywhere you look it's just absolutely stunning.

After your ceremony you will have your congratulations photos in a part of the garden just next to the ceremony which is just beautiful. While everyone is milling around chatting and congratulating you both I will capture all the fun and emotion that is happening. This part of the garden provides an absolutely perfect, lush background for gorgeous in the moment photographs. I also like to do the family photos in here with that lovely green background, nice and simple and just helps everyone stand out in the photos.

Just across the lawn is a little section which is a beautiful rainforest. It's got a brook running through it and we've got this lovely bridge here which we can utilise. Literally just a hundred meters from your ceremony location so a fantastic little spot to come to just after you've had your congratulations and your family photos. This is a great location where we can come in and get some really cool, fun shots with your bridal party.

Another really tropical spot is another 20 metres away or so. It’s very sheltered, very shady and very green. If it's a warm day then sometimes I'll come in here first so that we can get some really nice shots during the warmer part of the day and then as that sun starts to dip down on the horizon, that's when we'll get into the vineyard and get some of those shots where we're a little bit more exposed to the elements.

Next, I show you Aravina Estates gorgeous vineyards. We'll grab some drinks and head over with your bridal party and get some lovely, fun shots of you just hanging out, having a great time together in the vineyards. With the vineyards you can get some great shots of bridal party, bride and groom, the girls and the boys. This vineyard is literally a short walk from where you're going to be having your ceremony.

I then take you to my favourite tree at Aravina. I love this tree, it’s really cool. I come to this spot at Aravina Estate just to do my little tree shot. It's something that needs the right lighting, it's a creative shot. It's more about having a light coming back through the tree so it's about the shapes of the tree and quite often I'll silhouette the bride and groom so you get something that's a little bit creative, a little bit different to some of the other shots. This tree is about a minute walk away from the venue through the vineyard.

Aravina Estate in Yallingup is fantastic for a nice, easy experience where you can get a load of varying shots in a short space of time on your wedding day. About 45min -1 hour would be an ample amount of time for your bridal shots.

Another sensational view at Aravina Estate is with the dam framed in the foreground with the vineyard which is really nice and then off into the background we've got the venue itself. Here we can get some beautiful water shots on your wedding day.

I then take you to a special spot where the view is again absolutely amazing. This is somewhere come on your wedding day at Aravina Estate to get amazing landscape scenes. If you're getting an album, you can do a whole double page spread with you guys in this wonderful landscape.

Just next to this massive landscape scene we're surrounded by beautiful native Australian bush. There are grass trees, bush and other large native trees everywhere you look with the light coming through so in the afternoon when the light's dipping down, we can get some really lovely shots of you just hanging out, having fun with the bridal party and just changing up the backdrops. The bush provides some different aspects with the use of light where you can do some more creative shots like a silhouette for example.

Lastly, I take you down to the dams which give you a bit of a perspective on Aravina Estate and the close proximity of all the different locations that we've looked at in the video. This is a great spot to photograph your wedding car if you have one and also get some nice walking along shots of you both.

I have shown you many different locations at Aravina Estate to have your photos on your wedding day. If you are having your wedding down south Yallingup way, Aravina Estate is a definite contender. One of the best points about Aravina, apart from how beautiful it is, is the close proximity of all the locations. Because of the ease of having your wedding day at Aravina Estate in Yallingup you are able to spend more time with your guests and enjoy your wedding day so much more. Happy couple, happy day, gorgeous photos.