Best Couples Portraits Fremantle

My Approach to Photographing Couples

When organising a couple shoot we choose a location where we can go for a walk around and a chat. It is very relaxed, fun and natural. This instantly takes away a lot of apprehension either of the couple may be experiencing about being photographed.

One of the nicest comments I've had is when I've been told someone absolutely hates getting their photo taken but afterwards, when we are looking at the photos, they are talking about how it was actually really, really good fun. A fun time out with your best friend, having a laugh and documenting it.

Essentially my approach is about photographing your connection. I put you into amazing scenes, light and backdrops and let you hang out, be yourselves and have a bit of a laugh. Any direction is very simple and then we go from there.

Another part to my portrait shoots is sometimes called the "BELOVED" style where I place you into a brilliant scene and then invite you in to little games and interactions together. So it is not really posing, it is about photographing a fun experience.

I can photograph couples in many various locations and times including, around Perth, Margaret River, at sunset in the amazing light at the beach, in the forest amongst the trees, chasing each other up the street, in your favourite sanctuary, amongst the funky architecture in Fremantle, going for a stroll…… to name a few.

Oh, It’s a happy time for me too :)