My youngest child is fourteen years old now and during my journey as a parent I have always been intrigued how quickly my three children have changed in their mannerisms, passions and interests. 

At younger ages this may be playing with a particular toy or as they get older it could be learning an instrument. It could be an expression that melts your heart but one day it is gone.

It’s interesting how incredibly valuable photographs that depict personality become. They hold immense value to myself and my wife because besides our memory that is all we have to remember specific traits that  our children had while growing up. 

Our children love looking back at these moments together. They get so much enjoyment from them. There is a lot of laughter that is for sure. 

Seeing the value of this style of photography I want myself and my photographers to create genuine memories for you and your family to enjoy. 

It can be the simplest little thing as an expression when your child does a certain activity, it could be a glance you receive when you give your child a hug. 

The best part about photographing this way is that it is very natural and fun, we laugh a lot and in no time you will have way too many fantastic memories to choose from.