Our photography is about giving you memories to look back on and enjoy. Children grow fast and they are always changing what they love to do. 

I noticed that my kids would be obsessed with a toy or a role play game and then all of a sudden that would be dropped.  

Sometimes that gorgeous mannerism that melted your heart would never be repeated as it was now “silly”. This is when I would find myself seeking photographs as a way to remember and relive moments that I loved. 

I also find my now teenage children looking through these memories and enjoying them together, there is often a lot of laughter and it’s incredible how much enjoyment they get from them. 

I can  help you to also have photographs to help you relive those cute stages. I will ask you a few easy questions prior to your session and make some notes. 

I will then advise you on what to bring to your session. It’s real simple and easy stuff.

This style of photography is fantastic because your child simply does what they love to do, whether that is playing with a toy or anything. They are not posing and I am capturing the wonderful time they are having. 

It’s really so important to celebrate these simple precious moments that can easily forgotten.