Black and white maternity portrait photography in our Studio near Fremantle

Brendon and Melissa booked in for some natural maternity portraits, we are shooting their wedding photography in March at the Roundhouse in Fremantle so we’ll post some of their wedding pics too. The shoot was really fun and I used some funky dramatic lighting which creates a beautiful effect in black and white. When they popped back into the studio they were very excited about the portraits and after seeing our presentation on our high definition projector they decided that they would have to make a feature of the images in their home. They chose three beautiful images to make a series. I got their three wall size stretched canvas artworks back from the framer and they just looked out of this world. Every client that came through just loved them and I’ll be getting a display set made up for the studio. I love seeing the final product and I really enjoyed showing Brendon and Melissa their new artworks for the very first time.

John Rice

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