Beautiful Spring Wedding at Joondalup Resort- Natasha and Jonathan

Flying all the way over from Tassie for their wedding day meant Natasha and Jonathan had to be super organised in the lead up to make sure all the hurdles had been jumped long before their big day. My hat definitely goes off to them since it is no easy task and the day was absolutely perfect, even the fine spring weather made a very welcome appearance.

The grooms men and friends were in fine form, having a right laugh while they were endeavouring to dress themselves…..and each other. There is nothing like a bit of banter to settle the nerves before they made their way to Joondalup Resort for the ceremony.

Groom and groomsmen having a laugh getting ready before the ceremony.

A little light heartedness before the ceremony.

Groom getting his corsage put on by his friend for his wedding day

Johno getting a helping hand. Dressed by Les Lees in Hobart.

It was a pleasure being with Natasha and her gorgeous bridesmaids capturing the calm before the storm of her big day. A few deep breaths and off we go.

Bride receiving the final touches before her wedding day.

Final touches before the wedding ceremony. Makeup by Simone Cohen.

Wedding dress hanging on the wall before the bride is dressed for the ceremony.

The wedding dress by Maggie Sottero.

Once Natasha came into view wearing her elegant Maggie Sottero gown, the boys settled quickly with Jonathan looking like the cat who got the cream (and rightly so).

Groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride outside by the lake at Joondalup Resort

Eagerly awaiting Natasha. Flowers by “The Flower Girl”

The ceremony proceeded full of emotion with the perfect amount of laughs and tears from those close to them. After the ceremony hugs were flowing everywhere, not just for the bride and the groom but spread between the guests showing that heart felt feeling of belonging that weddings can bring.

Bride and groom cuddling after their ceremony outside at Joondalup Resort.

A sneaky cuddle after their ceremony while the business end is completed.

With everyone in high spirits if was off around the beautiful grounds of Joondalup Resort for some fun times with the bridal party. Great location choice, so many beautiful backdrops without ever having to get in a car and take on the traffic.

Bride and grooms clothes together

Married at last.

Groom standing with bride leaning on his back facing the camera outside.

Beautiful image of Tash and Johno in the gardens at Joondaulp Resort. Hair by Louise DiLoretto.

Groom and friends jumping off a small ledge with hands in the air outside Joondalup resort

Boys will be boys.

Bridesmaids trying to lift up groom by lake after his wedding ceremony.

Johno found out how strong these bridesmaids really are!

The wedding day ended with a special reception at Joondalup Resort with some extra special touches organised for their guests.

Music CD's with the wedding sound track on them for the guests.

Music CD’s for the guests. Sign provided by Celebration Blackboards

It was simply wonderful to watch these two people join their lives together through the lens of the camera, what a joy to be a part of. Thanks Tash and Johno. xxx Eternity Photography

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