Baby portraits are the best fun!

A baby portrait session is lots of fun. Everyone understands that the baby is the boss and myself and the parents work feverishly to create some really timeless photographs. I have every angle covered for whatever may happen and from then on in it is about timing, patience and having some ideas up my sleeve for the photographs I want to create. I love nothing more than the feeling when it has all come together and any further shots taken are just icing on the cake.

This session was particularly special because I had photographed Geoff and Katrina’s wedding (not that long ago). So to catch up with them again and meet their little baby was a really great moment. They are natural loving parents and little Molly was an absolute joy to photograph, she was more than happy to oblige me some great smiles and gestures that made the experience lots of fun.

I have a funny feeling that she will get me working harder when she is two.

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